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How Periodontal Flap Surgery Has Evolved

Posted on May 31, 2024

How Periodontal Flap Surgery Has Evolved

Periodontal flap surgery is a beneficial periodontal treatment that is designed to treat pockets that open in the gums as a result of advancing gum disease. Gum pockets or flaps that open up over time from gum disease and gum recession pose a number of threats to the health of your smile and the longevity of your teeth. At The Perio Centre, our team leverages this advanced procedure to protect the future of your gums and smile for healthier and happier living. Dr. Adam Ohayon, a leading periodontist in Oshawa, provides high-quality periodontal flap surgery and other modern periodontal treatments to address your unique gum concerns. 

To learn more about how periodontal flap surgery has evolved, read on. 

What Does Periodontal Flap Surgery Do?

When gum disease advances, it can result in the formation of deep pockets between the teeth and the gums. Left untreated, these gum pockets can trap and harbour bacteria and plaque, causing a buildup that is challenging to address and reach with regular brushing and flossing. As gum pockets worsen, they can cause tender, painful, and infected gums while also increasing the risk of tooth loss. 

During periodontal flap surgery, your periodontist cleans and restores the affected gums to reduce the impact of gum disease. Our periodontist in Oshawa can help reduce the depth of the pocket and improve your ability to maintain your oral hygiene independently. 

The Early Versions of Periodontal Flap Surgery

The early uses of periodontal flap surgery were more invasive and less precise than today. At its start, the tools available to doctors and clinicians were more basic. During the procedure, doctors would make larger incisions into the gum to separate them from the bone and teeth. After this, the area would be cleaned, and any diseased tissue would be removed. Manual root planing and scaling would chip away any stuck-on tartar or plaque. The manual process required more time and made it more difficult to be thorough about the removal of plaque and tartar buildup. 

Periodontal Treatments Advancements

Today, periodontal flap surgery and many other treatments offered by periodontists in Oshawa and throughout the Greater Toronto Area have advanced to improve on the challenges of older versions of the treatment and optimize it for even more effective results. 

Less Invasive Techniques

New tools and updated surgical techniques equip periodontists to complete the treatment with smaller incisions. This advanced process can help reduce trauma to the gums, less swelling and bruising, and a shorter recovery time in most cases, ultimately improving outcomes. 

Laser Technology

Now more than ever, periodontists, dentists, and other medical professionals use laser technology for soft tissue treatments. Laser tools support less invasive procedures, precision treatment, and faster healing, which helps minimize discomfort after the operation. At The Perio Centre, we use a non-invasive laser for bacterial reduction, antibiotic irrigation, and more. 

Guided-Tissue Regeneration

Regenerative materials such as membranes, bone grafts, and growth factors are used to stimulate the regrowth of lost bone and tissue. The use of these materials significantly improves the long-term success rates of periodontal surgeries by promoting natural tissue regeneration.

Leading Diagnostic Tools

Since the beginning of periodontal treatments, diagnostic tools and imaging have evolved to give your periodontal team more comprehensive assessments of your oral landscape. From X-rays to 3D Scanners, your periodontist can generate more accurate diagnoses and make more tailored treatment plans.

Invest in the Future of Your Smile with The Perio Centre

At The Perio Centre, our team is committed to providing you with the best results which means embracing advanced diagnostic tools and treatment techniques. We specialize in high-quality care, from periodontal flap surgery to guided tissue regeneration, gum grafting, and more. Contact our team today for tailored treatment options that transform your smile and improve your oral health.


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