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How to Address Destabilized Teeth

Posted on December 12, 2023

How to Address Destabilized Teeth

A beaming smile is a powerful expression of our well-being and oral health. We naturally expect baby teeth to shed and make way for permanent ones. But as we age, our teeth and gums become impacted by external factors like gum disease or knocked out by unforeseeable accidents, which can cause destabilization. If your primary teeth are loose, explore options such as guided tissue regeneration, periodontal flap surgery, or, if need be, high-quality dental implants in Oshawa with Dr. Adam Ohayon and the experts at The Perio Centre. Each of these treatments are designed to enhance the strength, comfort, and longevity of your smile, so you can go about your day-to-day life with convenience and ease. 

Read on to discover how to address loose or destabilized teeth with a periodontist near you in Oshawa.

Destabilized Teeth and Their Impact

Destabilized (loose) teeth usually occur when one or more teeth have lost some supportive structures, leading to movement or insecurity. Often worsened by advanced gum disease (periodontitis), bone loss, and bruxism. Destabilized teeth are essential loose teeth that can affect your eating and speaking ability while undermining your confidence. When caused by advancing gum disease, evaluation and treatment by an experienced and skilled periodontist in Oshawa. This may include medication, splints, bridges or dental implants. 

Causes of Tooth Destabilization

Permanent teeth can loosen and wobble for several reasons, even trauma from a sports injury or accident. But a more familiar and foreseeable cause of tooth loss is periodontal disease or periodontitis, which can lead to the deterioration of gum tissue, eventually exposing tooth roots and compromising the jaw bone. 

Destabilization of teeth can be treated before it results in permanent tooth loss with an experienced periodontist in Oshawa, who offers several custom treatments such as guided tissue regeneration, periodontal flap surgery, and more. If you suspect that your loose teeth are the result of periodontal disease, book a consultation with Dr. Adam Ohayon at The Perio Centre to explore your options. Our team of dental professionals and periodontal specialists will thoroughly assess your condition and provide you with tailored treatment options. 

Treating Loose Teeth 

Treatment options for loose teeth depend on their cause and severity. If the tooth has been knocked out or is at the point of following out, your periodontist will recommend a tooth replacement to compensate for the loss of functionality. At The Perio Centre, we recommend titanium surgical-grade dental implants, which function as a tooth root to stimulate the jaw bone and provide long-lasting comfort. Dental implants feel and function like healthy natural teeth when paired with a custom-fit dental crown. 

If your loose teeth are caused by the progressions of periodontal diseases, some treatments that periodontists can provide effective intervention.

  • Periodontal hygiene, scaling & root planing for gum disease treatment that aims to remove harmful plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Bone and gum grafts to address bone loss and enhance the stability of the affected tooth. 
  • Guided tissue regeneration is a treatment used to target bone defects and trigger the regeneration of healthy tissue using advanced periodontal technology. 

Prevention & Maintenance

While addressing destabilized teeth is crucial, prevention and maintenance are pivotal in ensuring long-term oral health. Regular dental check-ups allow for the early detection of loosening teeth and gum disease, enabling prompt intervention. Good oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing prevent infections and gum disease. A healthy diet rich in essential nutrients supports oral health and helps maintain strong teeth and supporting structures. Even after prosthetics like bridges and dental implants are in place, maintaining your periodontal health with regular oral care, from brushing to flossing, is vital to a healthy, long-lasting smile. 

Preserve Your Teeth with Expert Care at The Perio Centre

If you are challenged daily by destabilized teeth, trust the expert guidance of Dr. Adam Ohayon and the skilled Perio Centre team for personalized solutions. Your smile deserves high-level care, and The Perio Centre is here to help you regain tooth stability and a confident smile. Enable an effective smile transformation at The Perio Centre with cutting-edge dental implants and other orthodontic solutions! 

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