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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Smile with Your Periodontist

Posted on September 28, 2023

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Your smile is an important feature that has more than just an aesthetic role in life. Proper care and development of your gums and teeth are vital from birth. The condition of gums and teeth affects access to sufficient nutrition, the approach to social situations, healthy development and communication, and so much more. Unfortunately, over time, many factors can threaten the health of a smile, which can lead to discomfort, infections, and even tooth loss without intervention. If you’re looking for a way to extend the lifespan of your smile, visit a periodontist in Oshawa. At The Perio Centre, Dr. Adam Ohayon and our team of medical experts provide a range of services, including dental implants, gum grafting, guided tissue regeneration and more. 

From assessment and diagnosis to treatment and aftercare, you can count on our experience and skilled team for a tailored approach and high-quality results that maximize the longevity of your smile. 

Here’s how your periodontist in Oshawa can support the long, healthy future of your smile.

What Puts Your Gums at Risk?

Periodontics is a medical focus that explores not just your teeth but its supporting structures, including the gums, bones, and ligaments. There are many factors that can contribute to wellness or illness in these areas, requiring professional attention from an experienced periodontist in Oshawa.

Some common periodontal issues include:

  • Gum Disease: Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease and is characterized by inflammation and bleeding of the gums. As gum disease becomes more severe, it’s called Periodontitis, which can lead to gum recession, loose teeth, and even tooth loss.
  • Gum Recession: Gum recession is the gradual process in which the gums surrounding the teeth wear away or pull back, exposing more of the tooth or its root. This can lead to tooth sensitivity, increased risk of decay, and aesthetic concerns.
  • Oral Diseases & Cancer: Oral cancers, lesions, and other diseases or ailments that affect the oral cavity can interfere with the health development of tissues and gums. Oral illnesses like cancer require property diagnosis and comprehensive management from an experienced professional. 

Explore some of the ways The Perio Centre can help you manage these periodontal troubles for a healthy smile that lasts many years into the future.

Gum Grafting Services

Gum grafting is a surgical procedure meant to treat gum recession. Periodontists take health tissue from one part of your mouth and transplant it to an area of your gums affected by recession. Your periodontist in Oshawa may recommend gum grading if the gum recession has exposed the roots of your teeth. Exposed tooth roots increase sensitivity while increasing the risk of infections and tooth loss. 

For successful treatment and the most effective results, our team at The Perio Centre will carefully evaluate your condition and determine the most suitable grafting technique for your needs.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

When the bone in the jaw is not stimulated, often because of advanced periodontal disease and tooth loss, guided tissue regeneration is used by periodontists to trigger healthy bone growth. When bone loss occurs in the jaw, it can change your facial structure, bite, and comfort during everyday activities. Using specialized techniques and advanced equipment, Dr. Adam Ohayon and The Perio Centre team guide the healing process to restore lost bone structures and improve tooth stability, giving you more years out of your teeth. 

Dental Implants for Tooth Loss

There are a couple of reasons a person might suffer from tooth loss. In some cases, a missing tooth is simply the result of an accident that knocks a tooth out, detaching it from the gums. In other situations, tooth loss is the result of advanced gum disease advances or gum recession, where the gum can no longer hold a tooth in place. Dental implants are a highly effective and recommended treatment for missing teeth. At The Perio Centre, our team uses surgical-grade titanium implants that serve as artificial tooth roots. With an expertly crafted crown, dental implants offer decades of functionality and many additional benefits when compared to alternative tooth replacement options. As a permanent and stable solution to missing teeth, dental implants are a natural-looking option that protects the jaw bone and restores functionality. 

Oral Pathology Management

Cancers, lesions, or illnesses that target the mouth can be caused by a number of factors, including smoking or genetic predisposition. Periodontists in Oshawa help manage these abnormalities with comprehensive oral pathology services, including diagnosis and treatment. Using leading industry technology such as the VizLite Pro Screening System, The Perio Centre team enables early detection to preserve oral function. 

Get More Time Out of Your Smile

Your smile is a valuable asset that should be preserved. With healthy habits and visits to Dr. Adam Ohayon and The Perio Centre, you can keep your gums and teeth both healthy and beautiful. For assessments or to learn more about our custom treatment options at The Perio Centre, contact us directly. 


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