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How to Protect Your Jaw Bone with Dental Implants

Posted on July 18, 2023

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Officially called the mandible (lower jaw) or maxilla (upper jaw), the jaw bone is an essential part of the human anatomy. Not only is the jaw responsible for the facial structure, but it also is responsible for securing the teeth in place. One or more missing teeth is a significant factor contributing to the degeneration of the jaw bone, which impacts many essential functions. When you or someone important in your life is missing a tooth, periodontists in Oshawa recommend high-quality dental implants to preserve jaw health. 

To learn more about how you preserve the health and functionality of your jaw, read on. 

The Side Effects of Missing Teeth & the Jaw

Missing teeth are a challenge for virtually every person who has had a tooth knocked out or suffered from tooth loss due to an oral illness. When a tooth is missing, the jaw bone is not stimulated in the vacated area. Over time, the lack of stimulation in the bone by live tooth roots causes recession and deterioration. As deterioration progresses, it can quickly spread throughout the entire bone threatening the security of the rest of the teeth. Dental implants are a way to stimulate the jaw bone and prevent the loss of more teeth. 

By stopping the acceleration of jaw deterioration and more teeth from becoming dislodged, dental implants preserve facial structure, tooth alignment, and the ability to chew effectively. 

Signs of Jaw Degeneration 

Dental professionals may suggest many alternatives to tooth loss besides dental implants, such as bridges and dentures, but those fail to effectively stimulate the underlying bone. If you are suffering from tooth loss or have been battling bridges, it’s essential to pay attention to signs of jaw bone degeneration and contact the periodontists in Oshawa at The Perio Centre for a consultation. 

  • Facial Structural Changes: When bone mass shrinks, it can cause lips to sink, changing your smile and the overall appearance of your facial features. 
  • Difficulty Talking: The loss of bone causes teeth to crowd, leaving less space for your tongue to move and interfering with clear speech. 
  • Loose or Shifting Teeth: Less secured by their underlying bone, teeth can quickly become unsecured.
  • Changes in Bite: As the space available between changes with reduced jaw bones, the alignment of teeth can change, directly affecting your bite.
  • Headaches & Facial Pain: Imbalance bites and changes in tooth alignment as a result of bone loss can eventually lead to TMJ, requiring the attention of a periodontist in Oshawa specializing in TMJ and dental implants.
  • Gum Recession: You may be able to visually identify the potential for bone loss by keeping an eye out for gum recession. If you see a receding gum line, contact The Perio Centre to explore your treatment options. 

How to Protect Jaw from Bone Loss

When it comes to missing teeth, the best way to protect the jaw and all the elements of your anatomy it affects is by replacing your teeth with premium dental implants. The alternative replacement incorporates a titanium screw which functions as a long-lasting tooth root. Its secure surgical implantation will stimulate the bone and prolong the longevity of your smile. When topped with a high-quality crown, your jaw, teeth, and smile will function normally. At The Perio Centre, our team of periodontists serving Oshawa, Whitby, and the GTA are supported by leading equipment, high-quality materials, and years of industry expertise.

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