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What Are the Overall Health Effects of Gum Disease

Posted on June 28, 2024

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When it starts, gum disease starts as gingivitis, a troubling but seemingly minor affliction that affects your gums. However as it progresses and turns into more advanced gum disease, the symptoms become more challenging to live with and the impact on your overall health also become more severe. If you’re struggling with gum disease that’s worsening, it’s a good idea to visit a specialist. At The Perio Centre, Dr. Adam Ohayon, a trusted periodontist in Oshawa, and our team of medical experts will assess your gum health carefully and provide tailored treatment options, from periodontal flap surgery to dental implants to enhance, restore, and extend the life of your smile.

Read on to learn more about some of the overall health effects of gum disease. 

Heart Disease

In the medical community the link between heart disease and gum disease is a noteworthy one. A Harvard study identified that those with gum disease are two to three times more likely to experience a cardiovascular event like a heart attack or stroke. When gum disease causes inflammation and infection, some of the bacteria can enter the bloodstream where it poses a hazard for plaque buildup in the arteries. By treating gum the symptoms of disease with a periodontist in Oshawa you can minimize the chance of infection and prevent the spread of bacteria in your body, not only protecting your smile but your heart too. 

Diabetes and Gum Disease

There is a cyclical connection between diabetes and gum disease. While both can be caused by genetics, they can also both be triggered and controlled by lifestyle factors. Diabetes can contribute higher levels of glucose that in turn can promote inflammation of the gums. On the other hand, gum disease can also increase insulin resistance. In fact one study found that participants with periodontitis were more than three times more likely to have insulin resistance than those who had healthier gums. 

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and periodontitis, book a visit with a periodontist near you for cleanings, scaling, and other treatments that help preserve your smile. 

Tooth Loss

Advanced gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. As the disease progresses, it destroys the tissue and bone that support your teeth. This not only affects your ability to chew and speak properly but can also impact your self-esteem and overall quality of life. Regular visits to an experienced periodontist in Oshawa like Dr. Adam Ohayon at The Perio Centre can help manage gum disease and prevent tooth loss through various treatments and preventive measures with treatments like guided tissue regeneration, periodontal flap surgery, and more. If you have already experienced tooth loss as a result of gum recession and gum disease, we also provide high-quality dental implants in Oshawa. 

Mental Health

The impact of gum disease extends beyond physical health and can affect mental well-being as well. Chronic pain, discomfort, and the aesthetic concerns associated with advanced gum disease can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. Ensuring good oral health through professional treatment can improve your mental health by alleviating these negative effects.


Osteoporosis, a condition characterized by weak and brittle bones, has been linked to gum disease. The inflammation caused by periodontal disease can exacerbate bone loss in the jaw, which in turn can affect overall bone density in the body. Maintaining good oral hygiene and seeking treatment for gum disease can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis-related complications.

Invest in Your Health with Periodontal Care at The Perio Centre

Gum disease is not just a localized issue confined to your mouth; it has far-reaching effects on your overall health. From heart disease and diabetes to mental health and dementia, the consequences of untreated gum disease can be severe. Visiting The Perio Centre in Oshawa, for regular check-ups and tailored treatments can help manage and mitigate these health risks, ensuring a healthier smile and a healthier you.

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