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What Your Periodontist Can Treat with Gum Grafting

Posted on June 21, 2024

gum graft surgery

When you visit a periodontist in Whitby or Oshawa, the goal is typically to treat an ailment that is impacting your gums. Your gums are an important part of the anatomy and physiology, although it can often be overlooked. Depending on the current condition and health of your gums, your doctor may recommend a gum graft surgery. While surgery can sound like an intimidating periodontal treatment, this procedure can offer many long-lasting benefits that improve your quality of life. At The Perio Centre, Dr. Adam Ohayon and our team are dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized periodontal care. If you’re in Whitby, Oshawa, or the nearby areas and have been told that you need gum grafting, contact our team of experts today to book a consultation. 

Here’s what you need to know about what your periodontist treats during a gum grafting surgery. 

What Does Gum Grafting Do? 

When the gums recede due to genetic factors, aggressive brushing, or gum disease, the structures within the gum that support your teeth are exposed and vulnerable to infection. Gum grafting is a procedure designed to protect the tooth root by covering these exposed areas with little to no gum coverage with a replacement tissue. This is an advanced periodontal treatment that can last a lifetime with proper care and check-ins with your periodontist in Whitby. 

What Type of Tissue Is Used for Gum Graft Surgery? 

There are two different types of tissue grafts that can be used for this periodontal treatment. Either connective tissue is transplanting gum tissue from your own mouth. Typically, the transplanted tissue is from the roof of your own mouth. 
The alternative option that a periodontist may suggest is donor tissue that comes either from human cadaver skin or an animal. The best choice will depend on your current gum health and needs for creating a strong and healthy smile. At The Perio Centre, we ensure that every step is considered to ensure safe and long-lasting upgrades. 

What Does This Periodontal Treatment Address?

The purpose of gum grafting is to ensure the survival of the teeth and extend their lifespan when threatened by gum recession and gum disease. However, in some cases, the goal of gum grafting could just be aesthetics. Other treatments like gum advancement are not designed to strengthen the gums but instead to improve the aesthetics of your smile by covering exposed root surfaces. Typically, the end result of a gum graft surgery is stronger gums than non-grafted smiles. 

Risks of Gum Recession 

It’s crucial to make treating gum recession a priority. Investing in periodontal treatment is an investment into the future of your smile. As gum recession progresses, it puts you at risk of bone loss, pain, loose teeth, infection, and tooth loss. 

With early intervention, tooth loss can be prevented or delayed, giving you more years of comfortable and accessible living. When teeth fall out or are removed because of gum disease, it can lead to difficulty talking and chewing. Tooth loss also leads to bone loss and changes in the facial structure. While there are solutions like dental implants to deal with tooth loss, intervention with gum grafting is a viable and reliable solution for many people. 

To learn more, book a visit at The Perio Centre to talk to Dr. Adam Ohayon.

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