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Why Dental Implants are an Upgrade from Bridges

Posted on June 13, 2023

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Whether it’s the result of tooth decay, gum disease, aging, or a physical injury, tooth loss can be a daunting experience that causes various challenges in day-to-day life. Dental implants are a revolutionary tooth replacement option. When done by leading periodontists near Whitby, implants not only restore function and comfort, but they provide an alternative to the challenges of bridges. At The Perio Centre, Dr. Adam Ohayon and our team of experienced medical professionals provide a tailored approach to dental implant procedures using advanced equipment and medical-grade titanium implants for long-lasting results. 

Read on to explore why the investment in dental implants compares to bridges. 

What Are Dental Bridges vs Dental Implants? 

Tooth bridges are false teeth that are used to fill the space of one or more lost teeth. Like dentures and dental implants, bridges fill missing spaces or gaps to ultimately complete your smile and return functionality to your teeth. There are multiple types of bridges that can be used, but when possible periodontists in Whitby recommend opting for dental implants instead. Dental implants replace a missing tooth with a titanium root to which a tooth crown can be attached, emulating the look and feel of natural teeth. 

Longevity & Durability

In most cases, dental implants outperform the bridges in terms of durability and longevity, Where bridges last around 10 to 15 years with regular care, dental implants are a long-term investment that has a lengthier lifespan. Because they are surgically inserted into the jaw bone, tooth implants are substantially more stable than bridges. 

Preserved Jaw Bone Health

bridges periodontist WhitbyThe jaw bone is critical to oral movement and facial structure. When a tooth is lost or the underlying bone can start to deteriorate from the lack of stimulation. Because bridges rest on top of the gums rather than in the bone itself, the jaw bone is not stimulated which causes recession. On the other hand, the artificial titanium roots of dental implants provide essential stimulation to the jaw bone, similar to natural teeth, which preserves the integrity of the jaw bone, maintaining facial structure, tooth alignment, and overall dental health. 

Improved Speech

Your ability to speak and comfort when doing so is a primary function for human connection and confidence. The instability of bridges can make speaking difficult, slipping or moving during speech, whereas dental implants offer exceptional stability, minimizing discomfort or irritation and maintaining clear speech. 

Ensure Comfort 

Sometimes, people report discomfort, sores, pain, and even bad breath as a result of bridges. Friction from instability can cause sores on the gums which can leave you vulnerable to bacteria and infection. Food particles, bacteria, and other contaminants can get trapped within the bridge structure increasing halitosis or bad breath. 

Maintenance and Oral Hygiene

Periodontists in Whitby stress the importance of good oral hygiene, but with bridges maintaining your oral health can be more challenging. Bridges typically require special tools or techniques for effective cleaning like floss threaders. But, dental implants are integrated seamlessly with your smile which means that they can be brushed and flossed just the same, making it easier to prevent gum disease, tooth decay, or other oral health issues. 
Dental Implants at The Perio Centre

If you or someone you love has been struggling with the challenges of missing teeth or dental bridges, it’s time to consider a future with dental implants. To learn more about high-quality implant options, talk to the Dr.Ohayon and The Perio Centre team. 


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