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Would You Benefit from Periodontal Flap Surgery?

Posted on November 22, 2023

periodontal treatments flap surgery

When gum disease or periodontal disease advances, it causes the gum line to recede and the gums to detach from the neighbouring bone and tissue, called “periodontal pockets.” Aesthetically and functionally, periodontal pockets open the door to a number of problems and leave you vulnerable to infection and illness. If not treated by an experienced periodontist in Whitby with solutions like guided tissue regeneration and periodontal flap surgery, the advancement of gum disease can go beyond pain and discomfort, leading to tooth loss. Periodontal flap surgery is one of many treatments Dr. Adam Ohayon and The Perio Centre specialize in. With our guidance and professional expertise, this treatment can help you save your teeth and get your gums back on a healthy path. 

Here are some signs you might benefit from periodontal flap surgery. For more insight or to learn about our other treatment options, such as dental implants and guided tissue regeneration, book a consultation with the trusted team at The Perio Centre. 

Deep Gum Pockets

The goal of periodontal flap surgery is to address deep gum pockets resulting from advanced periodontal disease. Periodontal or deep gum pockets can be identified by redness, pain, sensitivity, or tenderness around the gum and separation or gaps between the teeth and gums. As periodontal gaps worsen, you may also experience persistent bad breath that is not easily managed by your regular oral care routine with products like mouthwash and daily brushing. Your periodontist in Whitby can confirm the presence of these pockets and prescribe the best periodontal treatments with a thorough exam. 

Jaw Bone Loss

Bone health and density in your jaw are imperative to the security of your teeth. When bone loss occurs around the jaw, it is a clear indication that gum disease is causing damage that requires intervention by a skilled periodontist. When paired with treatments like guided tissue regeneration, your periodontal flap surgery can support bone regeneration, extending the lifespan of your teeth. 

Inflammation & Irritation

Redness, tenderness, pain, and swollen gums are some of the first gum disease signs. These symptoms often occur at the early stages of gingivitis but will intensify as gum disease persists. If you’re struggling to eat, talk, or even brush your teeth without pain or bleeding, it’s best to book a consultation at The Perio Centre. Our team of experts will help you understand the current state of your gums and will recommend the best treatment options to protect your well-being and tooth health. 

Loose Teeth

Adult teeth are permanent, so if you find that they are loose and you’re also experiencing other symptoms of gum disease or notice visible pockets, you may be at risk of tooth loss. As periodontitis or gum disease gets worse, it causes damage to the bones and structural supports that hold your teeth in place, which increases the likelihood of tooth loss. Intervention with guided tissue regeneration can help you save your teeth so you can live more comfortably by removing bacteria and minimizing inflammation, stabilizing the teeth. 

Manage Gum Disease with a Leading Periodontist Serving Whitby

Gum disease may not be easily identifiable to the average person. If you’ve noticed changes in your gum health or your dentist has told you that you show signs of gum disease, get professional treatments with the specialists at The Perio Centre. Our team will help minimize your chances of tooth loss and provide you with tailored treatments designed to preserve your health and your smile. 


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